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Health insurance required for foreign nationals to obtain residency permits in Turkey; this health insurance is a means of insurance that covers the medical expenses of foreign nationals in the event of any illness or accident within the scope of the mentioned guarantee. Health insurance for foreigners covers both emergency and routine health services. This insurance provides flexibility for the selection of a specialist doctor and treatment facility for foreign nationals.

Health insurance for foreigners may vary depending on the insurance company that issues the policy, but generally includes the following items:

  • Hospitalization due to any health problems,
  • Routine check-up controls,
  • Health insurance for existing conditions,
  • Health insurance for chronic conditions,
  • Selection of medical providers (hospitals, doctors, etc.).

Health insurance for foreign nationals will work smoothly and properly within the scope of the above items and coverage.

Before living in Turkey, it is important to properly consider your options for health insurance and make an agreement with a reputable insurance company. With a combination of health insurance prepared for your or your family’s needs, your health will be secured in the country where you wish to reside. However, foreign nationals may find it difficult to know which package is sufficient for their health among many options. Therefore, it is important to have access to enough and correct information.

In this regard, our website is a serious guide for you. In this context, you can receive detailed information and support from our Health Insurance Experts by phone, live chat, or live video consultation within office hours, anytime you want.

You can also visit our Blog Page on our website to get detailed information about the foreign health insurance.

About Us

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About Us

"Farkı Bizden" is a customer and human-oriented digital platform that specializes in Foreign Health Insurance, which is mandatory for foreigners who come to Turkey for residence and work permits.

It has a team of experts who can provide information on this type of insurance through live phone calls, live video calls, and live chat. Customers can also see the health facilities that the affiliated insurance companies work with and get live policy and price quotes through our communication channels.

Additionally, by submitting a quote form to us, they can see real price offers that have been specially prepared for them by over 10 select insurance companies.

"Farkı Bizden" is a brand and initiative of Okuşlar Insurance Agency Services Ltd, one of the leading insurance agencies in Ankara, Central Anatolia, and Turkey with 30 years of experience in the sector.

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