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What is Foreign Health (Resident Permit) Insurance?

Foreign health insurance is a mandatory insurance for foreign individuals who want to reside or have a residence permit in Turkey. As of April 11th, 2014, a regulation was implemented requiring foreign individuals to have a minimum of 1-year health insurance in Turkey. Travel insurance types, which are only valid for a maximum of 6 months, are not sufficient for longer stays. Health insurance is required for foreign individuals for stays of 1 year or longer. If the spouse of a foreign individual is a Turkish citizen and has social security coverage, the foreign spouse can benefit from this coverage. However, if the Turkish spouse does not have health insurance, the foreign spouse must also take out health insurance. The duration of the foreign health insurance policy should cover the planned stay and must be renewed after the end of the policy. Foreign health insurance policies are generally issued for a period of 1 year, although some insurance companies may offer a 2-year policy option.

Residence Insurance

Residence insurance is actually another name for foreign health insurance. It is mandatory for foreign individuals who plan to reside in Turkey. This insurance allows foreign individuals to access and receive health services in Turkey. In addition, foreign individuals who wish to obtain residence or work permits from official authorities in Turkey are also required to take out this insurance.

Is It mandatory For Foreign Individuals To Take Out Residence Health Insurance?

Yes, it is mandatory for foreign individuals in Turkey to take out foreign health (residence permit) insurance. Foreign individuals living in Turkey must have health insurance within 3 months of entering the country. If they do not take out this insurance, they will not be able to access or receive health services in Turkey. In addition, taking out this insurance is also a requirement for obtaining a residence or work permit.

Coverage and Limits in Foreign Health (Residency/Stay Permit) Insurance

As the name implies, foreign health insurance is a health insurance. It is designed to cover the potential health expenses of those who take out the insurance. This type of insurance has a very wide coverage scope.

According to this, the scope of health insurance for foreign nationals includes outpatient services, hospitalization expenses, medical tests and treatments, and many other health services. However, the limits of this insurance vary depending on the policy taken out and the insurance company offering it. It is possible to find policies with both high and low limits, so it is advisable to compare the options and choose the one that best meets individual needs.

Foreign Health (Residence/Residence Permit) Insurance Who is Not Obligatory For?

In the Turkish Republic, foreign health insurance is not mandatory for the following individuals:

  1. Those who are Turkish citizens,
  2. Diplomatic and consular members appointed by the state,
  3. Those who have acquired Turkish citizenship,
  4. Those who are under the Social Security Institution, whose spouse is a Turkish citizen.
  5. Members and their families of international organizations officially serving in the Turkish Republic.
  6. Those with temporary or permanent protection status given by the Turkish Republic.

Additionally, it is recommended but not mandatory for foreign individuals visiting Turkey for a short time to obtain health insurance.

How Long Is The Foreign Health (Residence/Permit) Insurance Valid For?

The duration of foreign health insurance in Turkey may vary depending on the insurance companies. However, this insurance is usually arranged for a period of 1 year. If foreigners continue to stay in Turkey, they can renew the policy at the end of the insurance period and remain protected for another year. Some insurance companies may offer short-term (e.g. several months) or long-term (e.g. 2 years) options. Foreigners can choose the most suitable duration by consulting with insurance companies.

Expiration and Cancellation of Foreign Health Insurance

First of all, the foreign health insurance that has expired will expire at the end of this period, which is generally 1 year, and will need to be renewed. On the other hand, the person can also cancel the foreign health (residence/permit) insurance under certain conditions. The first condition is for the person to be included in the SGK (Social Security Institution). Foreigners who are included in the Social Security Institution are not required to take out Foreign Health Insurance and can also cancel their existing policies. The second condition for cancelling the Foreign Health Insurance (Residence/Permit) Policy is to have documentation of a new private health insurance policy that is valid during the period of residency.

Summary and Assessment

Remember! Foreign Health (Residence/Stay Permit) insurance is a very technical subject. In this context, whether you take out a new health insurance or decide to change your current insurance company, we recommend that you first use our free, interactive audio and video communication channels available on our website, and do not hesitate to receive "free live counseling" from our expert Complementary Health Insurance representatives.

We wish you a healthy life during your stay in our country and remind you that you can contact us without hesitation for all matters related to foreign health insurance.