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Residence Permit for Foreigners in Turkey

What is Residence Permit in Turkey

Residence permit, also known as residence permit card, is an official document that allows foreigners to stay in Turkey for a certain period of time. These permits can be applied for various reasons such as working, studying, family reunification, health, or tourism.

Residence permit applications for foreigners in Turkey are managed by the Directorate General of Migration Management. Applications are usually made online and required documents must be submitted. The duration of residence permit may vary depending on the purpose of the application and the accuracy of the documents submitted.

Residence permit must be renewed before it expires and can be extended if the necessary conditions are met.

When and How to Apply for Residence Permit?

Residence permit applications for foreigners in Turkey are managed by the Directorate General of Migration Management. Foreigners who wish to apply for residence permit must do so with their passports after entering the country and before their visa or visa exemption period expires. Applications made after this period will not be accepted, and the person will be requested to leave the country.

Foreigners who want to apply for a residence permit must first visit the website and click on the "Residence Permit Application for Foreigners" tab. Then, they must fill out the application form and upload the required documents to the system. The documents required during the application process include a passport, biometric photo, residence certificate, health insurance certificate, and other personal documents.

After completing the application process, foreigners must make an appointment and visit the Migration Management Office or regional offices with their documents on the specified date.

The application process is usually completed within 30-60 days. Whether the application is accepted or not depends on the accuracy of the documents submitted and the purpose of the application. Foreigners whose residence permit applications are approved can continue to stay in Turkey for the specified period.

How Many Types of Residence Permits are There for Foreigners in Turkey?

There are six different types of residence permits for foreigners in the Republic of Turkey. These are:

  1. Short-term residence permit
  2. Family residence permit
  3. Student residence permit
  4. Work permit
  5. Humanitarian residence permit
  6. Asylum residence permit

These six different types of residence permits are subject to different conditions depending on the purpose and situation of the foreigner’s stay in Turkey. Foreigners can apply for the residence permit type that suits their purpose and situation. Applications can be made through the relevant branches of the Directorate General of Migration Management or lawyers appointed by foreigners.

E-Residence System and Permit Process for Foreigners in Turkey

E-Residence System

As we mentioned in the previous section, there are six types of residence permits issued for foreign nationals and applications are made online through the e-Residence system. For initial and transition applications, foreign nationals must apply through the e-Residence system and go to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management with the required documents on the date of the appointment given to them. Residence permit extension applications, on the other hand, must be made 60 days before the expiration of the residence permit period or before the expiration of the residence permit period in any case.

Scope of Work Permit, Health Insurance and Residence Permit Fee Obligation

In addition, foreign nationals with a work permit are entitled to stay in the country without a residence permit during the duration of their work permit. However, valid health insurance must cover the required duration of the residence permit. Documents such as a certificate of benefiting from health services in Turkey under the bilateral social security agreements, a provisional certificate obtained from the Social Security Institution, a document showing application for becoming a general health insurance holder, or private health insurance are accepted as valid health insurance.

Finally, the residence permit fee is regulated in the Law on Fees no. 492, and foreigners are subject to this fee. If an extension application for the residence permit is not made after the expiration of the permit, the residence permit fee will be charged one-fold for the duration of stay in Turkey.

Declaration of Residence Address and Foreigners’ Entry and Exit in the Permit Process in Turkey

Foreigners are obliged to declare their address information in Turkey correctly and completely. This address may be a fixed address or a place of accommodation. The correct declaration of address information is important for keeping the residence permit document up-to-date with the address, telephone number or e-mail information.

If the address information changes during the residence permit period, foreigners must submit the necessary documents to the immigration directorate and the population and citizenship directorate within 20 working days.

On the other hand, foreign nationals with a Residence Permit Application Document approved by the relevant directorates may leave Turkey and re-enter within 15 days with their approved permit documents and fee receipts. However, if they stay outside the country for more than 15 days, visa provisions will apply when they re-enter our country.

Finalization of Residence Permit and Warning about Fake Documents

Residence permit applications are concluded within a maximum of ninety days according to the Law on Foreigners and International Protection. This period starts from the date when the necessary documents are submitted and if it is extended, the foreigner is informed about it.

The Directorate General of Migration Management does not work with third parties in matters concerning foreigners. Some individuals or companies produce fake documents for a fee. Therefore, third parties should not be trusted when applying for a residence permit, and applications should be made personally.

Summary and Assessment

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